Installing the Auto Slate Conduit under Windows 2000/XP

To install the Auto Slate Conduit, first make sure that you've installed Auto Slate for Palm OS to your device's internal memory. Then simply download and run the conduit installer, available at:

The installer should automatically restart your HotSync Manager. To verify that the conduit has been installed, click on the HotSync icon in your system tray, then select 'Custom' and you should see Auto Slate Conduit in the custom conduit list.

If you do not see the HotSync Conduit listed, try manually downloading the DLL file (available here) and then copy it to your Palm folder (usually this is located at X:\Program Files\Palm or X:\Program Files\palmOne (where X is the letter of the drive you've installed Palm Desktop to).

Once you've copied the DLL file, restart the HotSync Manager.